Cast anchor

With an in-app purchased subscription you can get a local wind forecast for your anchor position. The wind forecast is provided by which is backed by a wide range of data sources aggregated together statistically to provide the most accurate forecast possible for a given location.

When the anchor is dropped SafeAnchor will fetch the latest local wind forecast for your position. When the wind icon on the top left corner is touched a wind sector will be displayed from your anchor showing predicted forecast. You can in the properties view change how many hours ahead you want to show.

New in 1.2 - On the top you will see the predicted weather with a icon and just below the predicted temperature

By touching the left- right-arrows you can walk forward/backwards in time hour by hour. The white line shows the predicted wind directions at the time displayed below together with the predicted wind speed. A long press on the right-arrow will move to the last hour and a long press on the left-arrow will move back to the first again.

Touching the wind-icon again will remove the hour-by-hour line leaving only the predicted wind sector.

A long touch on the wind-icon (or anywhere on the screen) will remove the predicted wind sector from the screen.

Weather forecast text

With an in-app purchased subscription (the same as for wind) you can get a local weather forecast for the upcoming eight days. When the wind forecast is showing on the screen you just need to touch the weather icon on the top of the screen. The next eight days weather forecast will appear in a scroll view. to remove the weather forecast you touch the weather icon again.

If you're using an iPhone 6/6+ you will get the actual pressure on the top row. If you have been using SafeAnchor for a while you'll also get information if the barometer trend is increasing or decreasing. If the barometer pressure drops with 3hPa/h you will get an weather warning.