SafeAnchor is provided as an additional tool to help detect drifting while at anchor.
SafeAnchor must be used in conjunction with conventional controls and good seamanship.

SafeAnchor has been extensive tested but that does not rule out that under special circumstances the app will not raise an alarm when it should. This is due to many factors including but not limited to the limitations of a GPS based alarm. Since the accuracy of the GPS signal to the device is highly dependent on a clear view to the sky, having the device inside a boat will degrade the signal quality and the horizontal accuracy.

Email alerts will only work as intended if there is an active internet connection available at the time of the alarm.

If the sound is turned off through the silent button on the device, no alarm sound will be heard!

If notifications for SafeAnchor is turned off (sound and badge) in settings, there will be no alarm if SafeAnchor is used in the background.

Using the GPS receiver will discharge the battery quickly, so it is highly recommended to always have a charger connected to the device when SafeAnchor is running.

Weather forecast (In-app subscription) is collected from and is based on many other weather sources. The forecast can’t take into considerations all the local wind obstacles like high trees, the local water temperature etc. which will influence the local wind speed and direction. The wind is provided as a guideline.