Remote view

SafeMonitor is an companion app to SafeAnchor and shows your boats position, anchor position, the boats last movements and any geofence if set. SafeMonitor only works together with SafeAnchor.

SafeMonitor does not give a real time view of the boats position, it might differ many minutes up to hours. The boat position has different colours depending on how old the position is. By pressing the annotation further information can be displayed.

I you have wind enabled in SafeAnchor then SafeMonitor will also show the current predicted wind towards your boat.

SafeMonitor will only work if you have the anchor set in SafeAnchor and the intended use is to monitor your boat while at anchor when you’re ashore. To prevent any other use the synchronisation will be disabled if the boat moves more that 600m from the anchor position.

SafeAnchor will update the boat position depending the movements of the boat, from every minute to every ten minutes. If the boats position differs form the received track then the boat and track will both be combined with a red line.

When the information is actually transmitted to and from iCloud is not controllable hence no guaranty when SafeMonitor will be updated. Further more needs SafeMonitor to be active to enable iCloud updates such as alarm. If SafeAnchor is in a alarm state a push notification is sent to SafeMonitor giving a remote alarm. This will even work if SafeMonitor is in the background.

Warning: there are no garanties that a puch notification will delivered due to interruptions in internet connections.

With the centre icon at the bottom left always centrers the received boat position. This is helpful if you've moved around the satellite picture. The satellite-disk icon will start the build in GPS receiver and when a valid signal is available a green line will appear between your position and the boats position. This is very handy finding your way back to your boat (Common in Sweden when you’re ashore in the woods looking for mushrooms :) )

Boat info
Boat information

When pressing the boat symbol, or anchor symbol, information when the last information was received. Pressing the I symbol will show all available information about the boat position.

Boat information

In properties you can change between Metric (m - km - m/s) and Imperial (ft - ya - kn/s). For coordinates you can choice between Degrees (D), Degrees, Minutes (DM) or Degrees, minutes and Seconds (DMS).

The boat symbol changes colour depending on how old the information is according to the legend.

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