other controll

First touch will reveal the wind sector with a white line showing the wind bearing. Next, touching it again will remove the wind bearing and only show the wind sector. If you want to remove the wind sector all together you need to press the wind-icon for approx. three seconds.


By touching this icon you will toggle between always having north pointing to the top of the device, or having the satellite map show the bearing the device is pointing at. This is very handy when you want to check where the anchor is.


The anchor-icon drops the anchor at the GPS position known by the device. Touching it again will remove the anchor and any tracking from the display.


The bell-icon show a display to set the alarm if the anchor is dropped. This is the place to disable the alarm as well.


The light-icon makes it possible to adjust the light of the display. The far end to the left shifts the light to a red overlay which is handy if you want to retain your night vision.


The lock-icon locks all buttons and disables touch-input on the screen. To unlock you need to press the lock button appearing in the middle top for approx. three seconds. If an alarm is active the device will automatically unlock.


You can choice Imperial or Metric for distance, depth and temperature.

Imperial: Knots (kn), feet (f), Fahrenheit
Metric: m/s, meter (m), Celsius (C)

Lat/Lon Degrees

You can choose how the coordinates shall be presented.
D = Decimal only
DS = Decimal, Minutes
DMS = Decimal, Minutes, Seconds

Alarm validation.
x seconds

You can adjust the validation period before an alarms is activated. When your boats goes outside the GPS geofence a count-down starts with the amount of seconds. This helps filter out sporadic incorrect GPS readings since all GPS readings must be outside the geofence during the validation period to set off the alarm. Default is 10 seconds

Wind forecast
x hours

With a wind subscription you can choose how many hours to be presented in the wind vector.

Subscription ends

This shows the last day for a valid subscription

Email alert

You can have SafeAnchor sending an email alert when the alarm goes off.

iCloud sync

Syncronize your anchor/boat position (incl. wind) to the companion app SafeMonitor. This gives the posibility to remotely monitor your boat while at shore.

Track legend

Shows the different coloures of the track. Yellow is the newest and dark blue the oldest track

Buy a subscription

Here you can buy/prolong a subscription. If you re-install SafeAnchor you need to go here to re-activate your subscription.


A link in the app to these pages


General warnings using a GPS based anchor watch.