To get a local wind forecast (in-app subscription required) the local coordinates are sent through HTTPS (encrypted) to the weather provider ( privacy policy). When SafeAnchor is starting up, a connection is done to Apple checking any change in the subscription status.

By enabling Email Alert, and when an alarm occur, your position will be transmitted together with other useful information in an email to the recipient you've choice. None of this information will be saved locally on any server in my control, I'll never be able to find this information. You can test the email feature and evaluate a test mail to find out more.

If you enable iCloud to sync your position with SafeMonitor, the anchor position and the last number of track positions will be transmitted to your iCloud account. SafeMonitor does not share any data what so ever, it only collects data from SafeAnchor through iCloud.

To have the colour coding on the boats movement over time the coordinates, from when the anchor was dropped, are stored locally in the app, no information is leaving the app. When the track is removed from the display the track is deleted from the internal memory.

No other information is collected or sent out of SafeAnchor. Privacy is extremely import to me, especially nowadays. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me.