Cast anchor

If you drop the anchor exactly where you cast your anchor maybe you don't have the need to adjust the position. Remember that on a 40' boat it might be 10m difference between where the plotter is located and the bow where you cast the anchor.

Another way is to make a note, or place a way-point on your plotter, with the coordinates where you cast the anchor. This way you don't need the SafeAnchor available during the operation, you can adjust the anchor position inside the boat away from possible bad weather.

Touch the anchor icon in the bottom left corner. The anchor will be dropped at the GPS position of the device. The top bar will change from Lat/Lon to the distance to the anchor and the current GPS horizontal accuracy.

Touching the anchor-icon again will remove the anchor from the chart.

Anchor position

Touch the anchor icon on the map and an annotation view will appear with the coordinates where the anchor is positioned. Depending on which coordinate system has been selected in the properties view the readout will differ. In this screen the format DM (Decimal Minutes) is used.

First digits represents Latitude and the second the Longitude coordinate.

From this view you can also directly drag-and-drop the anchor

Anchor position

By touching the i-symbol on the annotation view you can alter the anchor position to the one you noted when the anchor was dropped. The current anchor position can be easily altered. You can enter the coordination in any of the formats, D, DM or DMS. Use space as a delimiter between D- M- S-digits.

By pressing Distance/Bearing you can easily enter the distance and bearing (if you point with the device to the anchor the bearing will be pre-filled in) to the anchor.

Anchor position

By touching just below the anchor for about three seconds the anchor will change position just above your finger. You can now move your finger to the position where you want to drop the anchor. The top text row will now only show the distance and the bearing to the anchor while you're position the anchor.

An alternative way to drag-and-drop the anchor is first touch the anchor showing the anchor position, and then touch the anchor again and keep your finger on the display. The anchor will move above your finger and now you can drop it where you want. On the top of the screen you can see the distance between the anchor and the boat.

Anchor position

To enable the geofence you touch the Bell-icon, bottom second from the left. Here you have three different options.
1) just touch OK and the current distance to the anchor will be used as a radius for the alarm geofence.
2) enter the chain length you have used in the top field and touch OK.
3) enter the chain length you have used in the top field, in the second field enter the depth where the anchor was dropped and touch OK. SafeAnchor will calculate the maximum radius taking distance and depth into considerations.

By touching Alarm OFF you’ll disable the alarm and the geofence circle will disappear.

Anchor position

The red circle now shows the geofence line around your anchor. If you boat goes outside this line, for a validation period set in properties, an alarm will sound.

Dragging geofence

It is possible to change the geofence by touching the red circle for about 2 seconds. When the circle turns orange you can drag it wider or narrower. On the top line you can see the actual distance to the anchor. When you've the appropriate radius lift your finger again the the new geofence is set..